Why Are You Counting?

Why Are You Counting?

We get obsessed with counting everything we can, whether it’s actually helpful or not.

How old are you?

How long have you been at that job?

How much money does that job pay?

How many calories does that meal have?

How many hours did you work last week?

How long was your workout?

Stop it. Enough.

Counting everything is only beneficial in certain contexts. We stretch counting into far too many areas where other measures should be employed.

How old are you?  Is that really helpful?  How about how young do you feel?  What is your life experience and wisdom telling you so you can help others with less experience?

How many hours do you put into that job?  How much does it pay?  Who cares.

Are you aware of the people in your workplace?  How are your relationships with them?  What about the provision for your family?  Are you stuck on counting dollars and find yourself losing your family along the way?

How long was your workout?  Not important.  Did that workout provide you what you’re in need of?  Are you consistently working out to improve your health for a lifetime?  Have you considered what you're counting and valuing from your workout?

Let’s stop the obsession with counting every little detail.

Don’t major in the minors.

Don’t forget to see the forest through the trees.

Take everything in a greater context and perspective.  Trust me, you’ll realize you were tripping over pennies when there was abundance out there for you all along.


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