Why BLV?

Good advice can be a cheat code for your startup --an efficiency hack.

Mentorship increases efficiency, making the best use of your precious time and resources.

But not every entrepreneur has access to mentors within their personal or business network -- we are here to help.

BLV Can Help Your Project to Shine

It can be difficult for your project to shine when you’re wearing too many hats.

BLV's primary goal is to help you focus your time and talents on solving your creative challenges.

We specialize in helping early stage entrepreneurs accelerate their traction, define their creative vision, and focus more of their time on the most important thing – seeing their idea come to life.

In our experience, when an entrepreneur has integrated their vocation and life -- their capacity to focus on core objectives increases and so does their probability of success.

Mentorship and community can be a way to accelerate your learning process, and sharpen your decision-making.

Staying grounded and focused is essential for entrepreneurial success:

"We often prioritize things that we think will make us “successful”, but we haven’t spent very much time defining success. Many times we start envisioning a wild, bold, and wealthy future but we in turn neglect the low-hanging fruit all around us.

Our first priority should be self-awareness that comes through seeing life through the eyes of Our Creator.

Once we are continually asking to see with an eternal perspective, through spiritual eyes if you will, we can then start to make prioritization decisions through the abundant wisdom given to us."

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