What is BLV?

Bright Light Ventures helps founders optimize their early-stage products and companies, so they can focus more of their time on the problem they're trying to solve.

Strategic Decisions

Strategic Decisions

Helping fill in the strategic gaps in a leadership team, succession planning, exit strategy.

Grow? Scale? Sell? Bring on partner(s)?



Fundraising strategy, planning and creating the right messaging. For-profit and non-profits differ in their funding strategies, we can help with either option.

Work/Life Optimization

Work/Life Optimization

Prioritization and optimization of life through mentorship and community/network-building opportunities.

We are Seeking Entrepreneurs Who ...

Want to make the world a brighter place with their early-stage, beyond-ideation projects. They're past the talking about it stage and have some initial traction. 

Choose to use their gifts at high capacity, their aim is to shine. The world around them becomes brighter and starts to look better.

Are willing to do the work, are willing to put principles and systems behind their creative processes.

Are business-minded entrepreneurs who value profit, and also doing good in the world. Not the sounds-good-on-paper kind, but the kinds of doing good in the world that make real impacts in uplifting people.

Are technology leaders who use technology to improve life (physical, emotional, or spiritual health).

Are artists (music, film, or creative arts) that are leaders, yet find running a business to be more challenging than expected.

Have a well-developed sense of self-awareness. Even-tempered and laid back, yet hungry for more and takes calculated risks. Takes personal responsibility for actions. Creative, yet can be rational, with an abundance mindset (not scarcity-driven).

About Mark Alexander

Mark has been an executive and business owner for over 25 years. Mark has built, grown, and sold several businesses.

Mark has been a founding member of ~20 entities (LLCs, S-Corps, C-Corps, GPs/LPs, and 501c3s) -- primarily focused in health and wellness, but also in other areas like churches, real estate, and venture funds.

Mark has held many leadership positions including elder, deacon, board of directors, Chairman, CEO, CFO, President, Founder, and Managing Partner both through for-profit and non-profit companies.

Mark hopes to be generative and useful in his work through BLV.