Be Specific

Be Specific

The more mature I get, the more I am aware my communication can be very straightforward, and at times, possibly a bit terse.

It’s not that I am trying to be non-empathetic or dismissive, rather, I find that people are vague with their communication — and hey, I am too.

Possibly we struggle articulating what we really want, so we keep things general.  Maybe we haven't provided enough insight or context to the situation.

Or perhaps we haven’t spent the time figuring out what we’re solving for, so we aren’t clearly articulating the message.

Maybe we are too caught up in the outcomes of a bad situation that we forget what question we should even ask to get to a solution.

If you want straightforward answers and solutions — ask straightforward and specific questions.

If you want those around you to communicate more succinctly and clearly, start becoming more clear and succinct yourself.

We’ll get there together, I promise. Until then, be specific in your communication — it’ll help the relationships around you.


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