Be Right or Have Friends

Be Right or Have Friends

You can be right, or you can have friends -- it's difficult to do both.

Many times, we are so stuck in our way, and of course our way is the right way, that we lose track of empathy and love in our relationships and force our way upon those closest to us.

We have a Creator that has made all things right -- so don’t try to hold that place in your life or for others. You don't need to control everything -- you don't actually want that pressure.  Surrender everything and you will be shown the Way Everlasting.

Trust me, The Way is rarely argumentative, aggressive, or downright mean — it’s unitive and generative, not divisive.

Even if in your heart of hearts, you know something to be true, you cannot control another person’s actions or their opinions. Even our Creator does not impede on our free will, so why do you think your truth hammers of justice will be any different?

Put your swords in their quivers and exchange the truth hammer for the gentleness of humility, the embrace of grace, and the power of love.

The world needs more love and compassion, not more disagreements.

We are called to Unity, not division.

Consider your words and actions carefully.


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