Put Critics in Their Place

Put Critics in Their Place

Critics — take caution and make sure they don’t get too much of your head space and energy.

Don’t we all have enough critical people in our lives?  

Criticizing is the easy way out — creation is the difficult, yet worthwhile journey. 

What we need is genuine interest, care, and empathy.  Then, and only then, will we be able to provide quality and constructive feedback for others.  Typically, this happens upon trusted relational lines and not from an outside observer’s perspective.

Sure, we can all have opinions and decide what to like or not in creative endeavors.  I get that, and I’m not protesting that.  What I get discouraged about is how many people are so damn quick to judge — everything.

We should look to be generative in all we do and say.  Our words and actions should be beneficial to others — we should build up and not tear down.

If you’re someone that finds yourself always criticizing, maybe it’s time you get off your high horse and create something yourself.  Is it possible you’re protecting your own insecurities with your endless critiques?

If your initial knee-jerk reaction is to be critical, silence yourself and ask yourself why? 

You might have a gift of insight and discernment, but perhaps you need to refine your articulation and soften your delivery style.  Or perhaps you actually need to get to know people better so they’re more open and willing to hear you out — you should be more empathetic and learn to be an active listener before offering up feedback.

Wherever you find yourself and the critics in your life, aim to be more generative and helpful with your advice.  Even listening might be all that’s required for someone to be inspired to take the next creative steps forward.


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