Soul Generative

Soul Generative

I have a keen interest in growth and improvement.  As far back as my memory goes, I have had an interest in “the best” and how to get there or obtain it.

Now over the years, I’ve changed so much.  Sure, I do still appreciate “the best” in any field.  In sport for example, I don’t consider myself a fan, but an admirer of excellence — who is the best in their field any given season?

What I now consider to be worthy of pursuit, is how to keep the fire going in our soul.  How do we become “the best” The Creator has made us to be?

We need more people willing to roll up their sleeves in both self-awareness and self-surrender in order to be selfless in the pursuit of making others stronger and better.

We need to be more soul generative — growing the souls of future generations.

Sure, it’s actually the work of the Holy Spirit, but that does not excuse us from our Divine calling.  We must surrender to The Lord and become relentlessly self-aware so we can be a better tool for The Creator in our relationships.

The Creator wants to create The New in us and through us.  That means we must surrender so we can actually be generative in our work.

Let’s go with the Power of The Spirit and reflect The Divine in our life — the souls of future saints are waiting in the balance.


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