Finish Strong

Finish Strong

As we age, we have the opportunity to continue down the same old paths, or the ability to explore new ones.  Of course, change is challenging for so many of us and often, avoidance is the best strategy when it comes to dealing with change.  But avoidance is not going to produce the beneficial outcomes like we might hope.

Most people as they grow older tend to either become more bitter, or more sweet.  I’m convinced much of this outcome is due to how willing we are to accept the changes in our lives as we go through new seasons.

So what happens along the way?  Growing older doesn’t have to make us less childlike if we don’t allow it to.  As a matter of fact, our curiosity and willingness to explore, adapt, and change should improve with wisdom, life experience, and maturity.

So what should we do about change?  How can we avoid becoming overly bitter as we grow older?

First of all, embrace change.  Change is one of the few constants in life. 

Life is transient and all living things are too.  This means change, decay, evolution, and refinement are all possible outcomes of this transience.  Let’s focus on growth, awareness, and improvement as we go through life.

Place yourself in situations where you can serve others with your wisdom.  Allow your life experience to speak to others before they go through those same situations.  Stop relying on your talents, knowledge, and skills, and realize that you’ve already peaked with those — now you must culminate them together to bring about a collective and generative nature to your life.

Focus on what’s important and share that with others for their benefit, not to hear yourself talk or make yourself feel important.  Share your wisdom freely and look to be generative to the next generation -- avoid using your wisdom to shame the mistakes younger people will inevitably make.

Devote yourself to prayer, meditation, surrender, and ever-increasing awareness.  Be open to change because it’s going to happen.  You won’t be the runner that started the race in your youth, but you’ll see the finish line so much more clearly and you can help others better navigate obstacles along the way.

Stay strong and finish strong. 


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