Be Age Defying

Be Age Defying

Often times, societal norms should not be normal at all.

We get told stories from a very young age about how we need to accomplish certain milestones by a certain age, or more typically, “You can’t do *that* at *your* age!”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got plenty of those still ringing in my head decades after I probably was exposed to them. 

You should wait until you are — fill in the blank with the mature adjective or the age you should be — before you: have kids, go out on your own, start your own business, tour with the band, compose your own music, lead others, etc. etc.

At one time, many cultures absolutely loved the arts *and* supported the arts.  Today it seems it’s a sad state of affairs where we still love the arts so long as they reinforce our beliefs and feed us, and the corporate giants get well paid.  If something offends us, we don’t contemplate the issues, we simply push past that song or artist until our algorithms align again in the streaming platform of our choice.

So maybe you've got creative energy within you and rarely had the opportunity to express it, but I don’t think it’s ever, *ever* too late to be age defying.

Don’t let the bastards hold you down — create and reflect the Divine no matter your age or life situation.


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