“Saints are those who wake up while in this world, instead of waiting for the next one.” — Richard Rohr

I can remember from an early age reciting the Apostles Creed in church, and wondering what “the communion of saints” actually meant.  I don’t suspect I really had much more insight to the communion of saints until I started to lose some people in my life, whom I would consider to be saints.

To me, saints are always living by the Power of the Spirit.  That means they might be dead and working through the spiritual realms to express their Love and Power to those willing to abide, or they might be living on earth yet not driven by the laws of the land and social norms.

Somehow, we seem to only associate saints with people that are within the church.  While I’m sure many are from the church, we cannot forget that we might be entertaining an angel, or a saint, on any given day. 

Our Creator wants us to awaken to the eternal perspective.  When Love rules our world, we cannot justify going back to the ways of the world in order to live a life that falls short of fulfillment — a far cry from calling or true vocation.

Be the saint The Creator has called you to be.  Yes, it might be difficult, and surely you will stand out while on this side of Heaven, but that’s our true vocation.  We all have a call to be a saint.


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