Reflect Your Divine Image

Reflect Your Divine Image

“A tree gives glory to God by being a tree.” — Thomas Merton

We must find ourselves, be ourselves, and reflect the Divine within ourselves. 

Why is it that we seem to try so hard?  Who are we trying to impress?

Each of us is a unique creation, created by The Creator — let’s embrace that and live it out loud at high volume.

What’s inside you that has been suppressed for years, maybe even decades? 

What did your mom or dad tell you when you were young that still stings today?

Who was the first person you loved that really let you down — I mean *really* let you down?

Whatever occurred in the past is left there for good reason — you’re not there anymore.  Chances are, whatever was done to you that left scars, was probably done out of insecurity from another person close to you — it’s just the unfortunate truth of human nature.

We give our Creator the most glory when we reflect who we are uniquely created to be — we just be -- pure and simple.

How do we be? 

We recognize that we are the Beloved children of our Creator — doesn’t matter if you’re five or ninety five — we’re all children in the eyes of our Creator. 

Let’s get there — let’s reflect our Divine qualities given to us uniquely by our Creator.

Just be — it’s beautiful.


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