Nothing Is Something

Nothing Is Something

Meditation may look like nothing — but it’s profoundly something.

Simply breathing in and being grateful can make a monumental impact on your life if done consistently.

Part of what we’re doing with meditation is shedding our ego, our pride, and our selfish view of the world and accepting and embracing the eternal perspective and wisdom of Our Creator.

Breathe in the Love.  Breathe out the Love.

Do not think you’re wasting time by meditating.  If anything, you’re wasting effort and time by *not* meditating.

We are in danger of forgetting how to think.  Too often, we are told what to do, what to think, and how to go about life as our feeds from our phones lead the way.  Stopping to meditate helps cut through the noise and distraction of life that we all have, whether we’re aware of it or not.

The Way is Everlasting and Eternal.  Breathe in that significance. 

Enjoy the gifts of Our Creator.  Bask in the warm embrace.

Meditate on the Living Word.  Reflect on that power.

Co-create with The Creator.  Dance the dance.


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