The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus

Distraction is the enemy. 

Sure, there are plenty of things that can trip us up, but primarily, it can be traced back to taking our eyes off the prize, whatever that might be for us.

So call it like it is — distraction is your enemy.  Like most people, you have other enemies too, but let’s not get distracted with this big one — after all, distraction likes to trip us up by making itself seem invisible.  Nope, we’re calling that shit out right now.

I’m sure there are many ways to get up the mountain, but at the summit are awareness and focus.

Awareness brings our attention to what matters — Focus allows us to draw our energy toward actions that matter.

There is inherent power in focus of attention, something that is sorely lacking in today’s society.

Interestingly enough, distraction is fought by surrender to The Divine Source that is always on time, never misses a deadline, and never lets us down with unmet expectations or failed commitments.

Inherently, we all want to make a contribution and impact on those around us, we just get distracted with what makes us effective.  Maybe we had a parent tell us we could never do something, so we allowed that distraction to work itself into our psyche.  Possibly we experienced a loss or failure so profound, we simply cannot get over it.  Call it what you want, but could that be a distraction in your life?

Surrender to The Source of Life — The River that always flows with love.  We too can reflect that Divine Nature if we aren’t distracted, but we continually surrender to become more aware of our potential — with a Navigator who leads us to calm waters.

I know, life can get busy and chaotic — but we all have the choice to surrender or not.  Once we do, our superpower is our focus.  We can focus on things that matter, keep our priorities, and not be distracted by whatever shiny objects draw us away from our Divine Power. 

Life is a dance of continual surrender fueled by Love from The Source that replenishes the soul.  There is a resolute power from focus.


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