“Until the mind is freed from the multitudes of thoughts, and has achieved the single simplicity of purity, it cannot experience spiritual knowledge.”

—Isaac of Syria

We like to tell ourselves, or at least I’ll speak for myself, that we do not get distracted.  “We’re good.”  Yeah right.  C’mon man.  We’re often stuck at best, and downright afraid most of the time.

If you aren’t deeply disturbed by the deafening chorus of dulling chants, powered by AI bots to help make sure they’re chanting your name over and over with the right strokes of ego, then you’re possibly not wide awake.

I get it, we all pay lip service to various problems in our world.  I think most of us agree the fact most teenagers spend more time with their eyes open staring at a screen than they do learning, growing, and loving in their close knit community, is a problem.  But what are we doing about it?  We’re worse than them – we spend our time *and* money listening to that chorus.

I’d like to propose a simple solution — one that doesn’t cost any money.


We simply do not make the consistent, and conserted effort to silence our lives, and we desperately need to.

Silence is a tool.

Silence is a process.

Silence is a journey.

Silence is a destination.

Silence is Peace.

Silence is Love.

Silence is Unity.

Enjoy the Silence.


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