Family Dynamics

Family Dynamics

Family dynamics fascinate me.  No two families are exactly alike, and yet so much of how we interact with those in our lives is influenced by how we grew up. 

Look, I am not here to say that you cannot escape and grow from the way you were raised, especially if the conditions were harsh.  What I’m here to say is that we should all aim to become more aware of how our upbringing still affects us in the present.

Some of us had wonderful family dynamics and others not so much.  It doesn’t matter for today.  What matters is the recognition of the dynamics at play in your mind, body, soul, and spirit today.

Reflect on the good aspects of your family dynamics.  How are you allowing that good to flow through your relationships today?

Reflect on the bad aspects of your family dynamics.  How are you overcoming those obstacles and making your relationships reflective of The Divine and not reflective of a bruised past?

We all have the opportunity to be an observer, even of our own lives.  Let’s meditate and reflect on the state of our family dynamics: the past, the present, and what you desire the future to reflect.  

Trust me, your family dynamics are at play, so become more aware of them and steer those dynamics toward the betterment of those around you.


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