Revolutionary Art

Revolutionary Art

“Works that attempt to overtly preach a message often don’t connect as hoped, while a piece not intended to address a societal ill may become the anthem for a revolutionary cause.  Art is far more powerful than our plans for it” — Rick Rubin

Oh man — The Church needs to hear that message written by a Jewish guy from New York. 

When we get preachy, we lose our audience.  When our heart drives our work, our work becomes a heartbeat for others to find Divine inspiration.

Too often, we get caught up in our agendas and being a social justice warrior.  We tend to lose focus on what matters — healing hearts — both ours and those around us.

We can’t get too caught up on the healing of other people’s hearts by our own will  that will happen through Divine Power which is not our own. 

Our heart struggles are real, so let them shine through your work.  Don’t hold back.  Don’t give up the fight.  Let your light shine.

The Power we have through our connection to The Source gives us the discernment to know what the next steps are — the resonant chord progression — the subtle finishing brushstrokes — the uplifting words to encourage — the simple solution to solve the problem.

We can’t predict the future, but we know the future is in Divine loving hands.

Surrender what you know, and let your struggles go. 

Let your art shine with a Divine reflection — a Light so Bright, you cannot explain it, but you know it when it shows up.


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