Irish Goodbye

Irish Goodbye

The bit of Irish I have in me comes out when it’s time to say goodbye.

Yes, I am one of the kings of Irish goodbyes — I even had an Irish king in my ancestry report so I suppose that’s where I get it.

Do we really have to stop the party every time somebody leaves in order for everyone to abruptly end their conversations and say goodbye to the leaving guests?  Is the photo opportunity for social media with said guests on their way out really necessary?  Do we need to do it again 20 minutes later when the next guests leave?

Maybe I’m not the most socially savvy, but I just don’t always get the point of saying goodbye in certain situations.

Can we have a cutoff?  Groups of 6 or less and we’ll say goodbye to everyone — 7 or more, we can allow people to slip out when they need. 

No matter what, I’ll still be a fan of the Irish goodbye.


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