Bright Sadness

Bright Sadness

There seems to be a bright sadness in today’s world — the Light of The World shines brightly, but when there’s light, you can see all of the despair too.  What we see today is such a shadow of what it could be — we were created for so much more and we’re ruining ourselves and our Eden along the way.

We can’t change the world overnight — let’s keep the passion, but it’s okay to keep the realistic, intentional outlook too.  Yes, we must move mountains, but let’s not destroy all that is in our path along the way.

Recognize we live in a broken, fallen world — there is so much hurt going on that if we were to be completely awake and empathetic, we’d likely die from heartache.  It’s like we have to keep the lights on, but know at times, we must rest and the world will still be okay when we wake up.

We should remain illuminated by The Light of Christ that shines through the veil — saddened by the reality of the spiritual warfare among us.  Let’s be as real as we can while being the light on a hill — our world is a harsh place, and we’re all so much better off keeping our bright sadness — but don’t forget to shine every once in a while too.


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