Structured Success

Structured Success

As we now know from research, those who appear to be more disciplined and strong-willed, are not all that different compared to those who are struggling in life or suffering through addiction.

As a matter of fact, the key to success appears to be structure — that’s right, the more disciplined you are, and intentionally structure your life in ways that promote positive outcomes, the better you’ll be overall.

If you have temptations, structure your life so you largely avoid those temptations — just ask any alcoholic if they try to keep their favorite booze around the house or if they still meet up with their old friends at the bar.

Make your life more predictable and structured.  That doesn’t mean you don’t leave room for spontaneity and enjoying the present, quite the contrary.  When you have structure and disciplines in place, your life has so much more freedom. 

You aren’t spending your time frantically trying to figure out what’s next, who you are meeting today, what you are wearing today, what you are eating today, where you need to be — you’ve already covered most of those bases with structure and disciplines.

Now it’s time to enjoy those things you’ve structured in your life — it’s part of your reward for being disciplined.


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