Living in Liminality

Living in Liminality

The time and space between — transitions and thresholds.

There seems to be a power in change, yet most people don’t like to go there.  We often know change is a coming, but we do our best to hold tightly to what we can control.

Maybe we’re moving away from a place we’ve known for a long time. 

Possibly, we are losing our definition of a relationship as life goes on and people change. 

No matter the change, we can know change is one of the only constants in this life.  We must recognize change and embrace what it brings.  If we become bitter or resentful, or we simply cannot let go or surrender to the change, we most likely will rot away from the inside.

I am no different — I say I like change and embrace it, yet it really does depend on what that change is.  Did I have a say in it?  Do I have any influence over the timing and sequence of the change?  If not, it can frankly suck — and suck the life out of me.

I wish it were easier, but change is going to happen to us no matter what we want.  Our drive to control situations often leaves us feeling more stressed, empty, and anxious. 

Let go.  Surrender.  Embrace the changes that inevitably come to you in life. 

Know that crossing the bridge to the other side of change takes courage, grace, and love.  Surround yourself with people in your life that know, love, and support you.  Most importantly, fully receive from The Source of Life who is the only Way.


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