(of the sun or another source) give out a bright light.

We are all called to be bright lights in this world. We are all connected to The Source of life.

Self-doubt, fear, and critical voices, whether our own or from others, can hold us back from this call to shine. 

Because we are communal and comparative creatures, once we see that it’s okay to shine, others will be attracted to the Light and they’ll shine brightly too.

At BLV, we want to see you shine in this world.

Because a business is often reflective of its founder, we look for these attributes of the people we invest in:

  • Generative — your eyes are set on a prize well beyond the scope of your imagination.  Sure, you want to provide for you and your loved ones, but you also have a deep desire and longing to help future generations too.
  • Unitive — we have enough divisiveness in our world — we want people who will relentlessly pursue peace and unity — it’s a call to action.  Peacemaking can be difficult work, but so worth it and so very much needed.
  • Accountable — too many people are so quick to judge and shift the blame.  We want people who will own the outcomes of their decisions and actions, even when some of the variables were out of their control.  Responsible accountability helps mold an effective leader and the world around them.

Let's go make this world a brighter place.


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