I Shall Not Want

I Shall Not Want

“The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.” — Psalm 23:1

I can remember reading the 23rd Psalm at my grandmother’s funeral — actually, I sobbed the Psalm might be more accurate.  I know it’s a popular Psalm, but it’s powerful and profound.

The first verse alone should lead our life if we allow it to penetrate our heart and mind.

The Lord is King for a reason — King of all kings and Lord of all lords — we aren't used to bowing down, but this relationship is different and profound.

My Shepherd — we should know and trust our Shepherd — as the psalm goes on, we are always led to the best places if we follow.  Why do we fight so hard against that?  Are our control issues really that bad?  Probably so.

I shall not want — wow, this is a big one.  I mean, I want all the time — how am I *not* supposed to want?  It comes down to surrender — are we going to surrender to the will of our Creator or not?  It’s that simple. 

Sure, we will want, but it’s not *our* wants, they’re The Lord's — sounds subtle, but the difference is monumental.


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