A Flare for the Dramatic

A Flare for the Dramatic

There’s never a shortage of drama in this world if you look for it.  On the flip side, there’s always a chance to avoid drama by not entertaining it. 

How do you not entertain it?  Avoid the people and media that aim to bring you into their dramatic vortex.

Look, I’ve tried to run away from dramatic people and situations for years — honestly, as long as I can remember.  But somehow, there still exists this vortex that sucks people in, myself included.

Drama is simply not healthy and the relationships that bring about too much drama are typically toxic, draining, and probably means you’re dealing with people with deep-rooted insecurities and problems.

So, do you look when the train is going to wreck?  You probably shouldn’t, even though it’s tempting.  Just let dramatic people in your life know you’re there to support them, but set up firm boundaries with them — don’t let them suck you into their negativity vortex.  Stay far, far away if needed, but again, remind them you love them and when they’re in a good place, you’re ready to help them.

As for dramatic news and media — generally, just stay away and limit your exposure.  The world is always going to have a flare for the dramatic, and you just need to keep as steady as possible through receiving life from The Source, not from the news. 

Genuine, unconditional love is quite dramatic enough, don’t you think?!?


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