Be Part of The New

Be Part of The New

I believe we all have the ability to connect with The Creator of the Universe and actively co-create with The Creator.  We are called to be part of The New, which means we need to be active, not passive, with our pursuits of The New.

Sure, we can create just for kicks or to follow the latest fad, but I think we have the potential for so much more.

Our art can be generative — life-giving.

Do not settle for the white-knuckle approach to creativity, where you remain in control and you feel stress, and often compare your work to others. 

Stop it.  Let it go.  Surrender.

The Source of all Creation is with you.  The True Artist, the OG, is willing to work alongside you and guide you.

No matter how much of an artist you consider yourself, or how much credit you give to your own creativity — know that art and creativity come in many, many forms. 

Focus on the generative nature of what you are doing and how it can be beneficial to others.  Trust me, your art at that stage will also be immensely beneficial to you too.  Then, and only then, will you experience true joy and fulfillment from your work.


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