The Edge or The Center?

The Edge or The Center?

In my experience, it often seems like the wrong strategy to live “on the edge” — to be on the margins of what many would call normal. 

But what really is normal?  Is it good?  Is it effective?

What about the edges, boundaries, or margins — aren’t they designed to be crossed and broken at some point?  Otherwise, we’d never progress.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that living on the edge as many might say, is actually being centered.  I’m not suggesting destructive behaviors on the edge, I’m suggesting a full surrender to the unknown, yet guided by Our Source.  A bold series of choices that break us through to the other side and then coming back again to bring those around us along for the ride.

If we are able to connect and fully receive from The Source of Life, then we have the potential to push boundaries, making the new edges ever further out.  Our edge today should in many ways become our center in the future.  Why should we simply accept and live with the current boundaries and limitations?

Meditate and take an Inventory of the key areas of your life to see where your edge is — does that edge need to change?

What about your relationships?  Which ones are worth pushing to new boundaries and normals?

What normals need to be taken further out to the edges?

Remember, push beyond the edges to stay centered.


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