Embrace The Pace

Embrace The Pace

Every year, I go through an annual exercise to set some of my intentions for the upcoming year.  I don’t know, for me, and I’m sure many others, New Year’s resolutions never really worked — they sound good in theory, but they don’t usually have much lasting impact. 

So it started with a “one word” exercise that I read about somewhere and sort of took it to my own place of practicality.  I realized that when I shared that one word exercise with some close friends, it not only resonated with them, but also sparked some accountability in me and some awareness in them.

One phrase, or mantra if you will, that evolved from this year’s one word exercise was, “embrace the pace.” 

I don’t know about you, but for me, I’m coming out of a hustle season — and I don’t know about you, but I am sort of tired of the whole hustle culture thing.  Sure, let’s all be productive and contribute to the world around us, but let’s not die trying to win at work hours per week — that’s not what the Puritan work ethic really means.

So embracing the pace to me means I need to tell myself I should cherish and enjoy a sunset more frequently — why is this activity reserved just for vacation?  Wake up early and watch the sunrise — receive from The Creator through Creation before trying to jumpstart my day with a cup of coffee.

Or perhaps it means leaving more capacity in my schedule — mostly, for the feeling of not being as rushed with the people I’ve said yes to in my life.  Or maybe it means I can be more free to be aware of what The Spirit brings to me each moment — and if I’m honest, that typically means more time, whether in solitude, or listening to that person that really needs to be heard. 

Let’s leave time for each other — embrace the pace of Jesus — He was never in a hurry and always took time for the people around him.  I pray this year and beyond, I can truly embrace the pace.


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