The Artist's Intent

The Artist's Intent

I was discussing where our intention comes from with a good friend recently.  We both came to the conclusion that as artists, to be the most effective, we need to be instruments of The Divine.

In other words, we have to play an active role in our participation with The Source of Creation.  Yes, in a sense it is our works — but in a much broader sense, we are a part of The Creator’s masterpiece.  No matter our contributions, they’re just a small piece in the grand scheme of things.

Part of our creative process should include time to slow down — meditate — pray — ask to receive power and inspiration from The Creator of all things.

Be cautious with pride and ego — they’re a super tricky lover for artists.  It feels good taking credit for the work.  But even if you’re not convinced there’s a Higher Power working in you and through you, that’s cool.  But didn’t *somebody* help you out along the way?!?  Can you really take all the credit?  How do you draw the lines between you and everyone else that’s loved you, nurtured you, and helped you along the way? 

Be grateful The Creator works through you…it’s a blessing and a gift.  Treat it that way and use it to spread love and peace in this world — give it away as the gift it is.


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