Be A Pro

Be A Pro

"I read once that the true mark of a pro — at anything — is that he understands, loves, and is good at even the drudgery of his profession." — Paul Halmos

Being passionate only gets you so far.  Being genuinely interested probably gets you further.  But being a true professional at something, anything, requires discipline and strength to endure.

We have to be intrinsically motivated to stay connected with a project, occupation, or relationship.  We simply cannot rely on external factors to keep us going, or ultimately, we will fall short and feel the void of extrinsic motivation.

Good news is The Good News.  We have a Creator that made us in The Divine Image.  We don’t have to reinvent the wheel here — the perfect and abundant are already there for us to have and hold.

Ask for wisdom — it’s abundant.

Ask for the strength to endure — it’s promised to us.

Surrender everything — His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Being a pro is challenging, sure.  But being a pro doesn’t have to be life-draining, it should be life-giving — both to you and those around you.


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